By Akshay Patel

Have you heard of Mt. Everest? You probably have and think the world's tallest mountain is also very difficult to climb. However, although it’s true that Everest is the world's tallest mountain, in reality, Mt. Everest is not that difficult to climb. One expert mountaineer even claimed “as long as you can put one foot in front of another,” you can climb Everest.

Because Everest doesn't require much previous mountaineering skill, lately there have been “traffic jams” on the mountain where there are dozens to hundreds of people in a narrow single file line.

With so many inexperienced climbers flocking to the mountain, they have no idea how to do simple tasks such as putting on their climbing shoes, tying ropes, or even climbing down a ladder. And since these tourists don’t know how to do anything, their Sherpas (native Nepalese mountain guides) have to teach all these things on the mountain which creates these long traffic jams on the mountain, consequently putting everyone in danger.

Most people who climb the mountain do so for the bragging rights, to show off to their friends and family they climbed the tallest mountain, but for experienced mountaineers, climbing Everest is not the biggest feat.

The title of most difficult mountains goes to Annapurna in Nepal, and second goes to the K2, straddling the border between Pakistan and China. Annapurna and K2 have much higher fatality rates at 32% and 29% respectively, compared to Everest’s 4%, and mountaineers agree with this data, citing that Annapurna and K2 have significantly higher inclines, while Everest has only twists and turns. And with global warming, all these mountains are becoming harder to climb, with the higher risk of avalanches.