Club Report: Chemistry Club

By Andrew Zhao

Icon of the student-run Chemistry Club

Chemistry — the vast scientific medium that comprises bulky biological molecules to various inorganic semiconductors. The wide range of content in chemistry truly astonishes everybody, even the professionals within the field itself. Three years ago, two Charter students, Steven Liu and Anthony Lee, wished to communicate to their fellow peers about the wonders of chemistry. Over the past few years, the student-run chemistry club has performed creative experiments, such as colorful “The Chemical Traffic Light” and the traditional Flame Test lab. Even despite the social distancing, Chemistry Club continues to maintain its members’ interests through weekly virtual club meetings on Discord. Especially important, the meetings help students further prepare for the recent AP Chemistry Exam. Today, I have with us one of the engaging leaders, Steven Liu.

Andrew: What made you want to start Chemistry Club?

Steven: I actually didn’t start chemistry club, it was there before I arrived at CSW. During my freshman year, I participated in the club labs after school, which were led by then-senior Sean Li. After he left, no one expressed much interest in continuing the club, so I, along with my friend Anthony, decided to step up as leaders.

Andrew: What caused you to like chemistry?

Steven: Personally, I like chemistry because it explains how the world works, at a micro scale. It is the study of matter after all. The fact that we are all conglomerates of complex molecules and everything around us is held by bonds and interactions, amazes me. Chemistry lies at the center of our physical reality, and seeing its application in everyday life is a humbling experience. It’s not just the explosions and fire that make chemistry cool.

Brass Penny Lab, Flame Test Lab, and Tollens' Test Lab conducted in Chemistry Club. Photos courtesy of Chemistry Club.

Andrew: What do you plan on doing in the future?

Steven: Well, I am graduating and going to pursue chemical and biomolecular engineering in the fall. I hope to learn a lot, do some research, and have fun. For now, I have no summer plans. Maybe read up on some organic chemistry? I’m not sure.

Andrew: What’s your message to others who wish to learn more chemistry?

Steven: If you want to learn more chemistry than what your current class teaches, I would recommend reading a textbook, and doing practice problems to solidify your knowledge. You could join the chemistry club; there we have book resources, and helpers to answer any questions you may come across.

Andrew: What do you want to tell next year’s Chemistry Club leaders?

Steven: Thank you for taking up this position. It has been a pleasure to lead, but now it’s your turn. I am sure the Chemistry Club will continue to grow under your guidance. Good luck, and have fun!

Thank you Steven for spending your time answering these questions!