The Rise of 3D Printing at the Charter School of Wilmington

By Justin Xu

The Charter School of Wilmington’s newest 3D printer brings excellent opportunities for exploring engineering and technology. Photo from Justin Xu.

The Charter School of Wilmington has long been known as a strong science, technology, engineering, and mathematics school. Yet, the innovation at CSW continues to grow.

3D Printing has seen a rapid expansion in the past few years at CSW, thanks to the 3D Printing Club as well as other STEM related classes, clubs, and activities. To continue being a leading 21st century school, CSW offers unprecedented laboratory equipment, tools, and resources.

The 3D Printing Club, moderated by Mr. Liberato, is a hub for ideas and growth. Members have explored different engineering perspectives, including a 3D printed drone. This year, the club takes on the project of building a 3D printer. Through this process, invaluable skills, ideas, and lessons are taught.

As the field of additive manufacturing (3D printing) continues to grow, the club adds a perspective to CSW that introduces students to the technology of the future. 3D printing works by depositing plastic layer by layer, with predefined instructions from a slicer, or software for preparing 3D models. The resulting part is a highly accurate part made relatively quicker versus traditional manufacturing methods. From biotechnology to construction to dental applications, 3D printing has a wide variety of applications.

The 3D printing club plans to continue to explore the fascinating world of 3D printing, touching on everything including hardware, software, design, and applications. The club is representative of the growing 21st century technology industry, and introduces technology for a more advanced future.

The Charter School of Wilmington 3D Printing Club is a student-oriented technology club that meets every other Thursday. Anyone interested in joining should email to be added to the Schoology group, or just stop by in Mr. Kramer’s room!