The Health of Charter

By Andrew Zhao

The facility of the Charter School of Wilmington. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

As the notorious widespread coronavirus ravages China and beings to spread throughout the world, the flu continues to infect countless scholars. The flu, a contagious respiratory illness, causes people to experience fevers, sore throat, and runny noses. CDC reports 15 million cases in 2020, and approximately 10.8 out of every 100,000 teenagers contract the flu. However, Delaware surprisingly maintains relatively low flu activity.

The map of flu infection rates in each state. Delaware has a low activity level compared to other states. Photo obtained from:

Despite the low flu activity, several Charter scholars frequently call in sick and stay at home -- an effective route to recovery! The absence helps prevent further infection. However, due to the academic rigor, many determined scholars continue to wake up at early hours, learn in an airtight campus, and return home only to spend countless hours on various extracurricular activities and homework assignments. The ruthless cycle strains scholars and simultaneously degrades their minds and bodies over time.

Addressing the schoolwide outbreak of illness, Nurse Micale re-echoed the advice of staying home when sick. If you feel sick, stay home, sleep, and get better!

If you suspect your child has the flu, please consult your medical provider and keep your child home until they are fever free. Please notify Nurse Karen Micale if your child has the flu at 651-2727 x 225 or by email at

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